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UPDATE 19/10/23


This is an Anglo-Polish documentary about the Capitol Music Theatre in Wrocław, Poland, in the context of the fascinating city itself. Working closely with the theatre itself, we have documented the development of a fantastic stage adaptation of Fellini's 'And The Ship Sails On' / 'A Statek Plynie' from concept through to the gala premiere which took place on October 7th.

Narrated by Rula Lenska, A Theatre For Our Time also deals with the history of Wrocław over the last century, including the terrible siege at the end of WWII, the communist era and the return to democracy, featuring interviews with leading social and political figures who guided the city to its present success.



Season 2 of the Artist in You with Jenny Muncaster is complete (save for a few  last shots!), and the six episodes are currently in edit and post. The series is slated for completion early in 2024.


FOR THE LOVE OF BOWIE (working title)

Shooting of this fascinating documentary commenced just before the lockdown, and was then suspended for obvious reasons. The schedule includes locations in France, Italy and Germany and production will resume following the completion of The Artist in You.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us or click on the programme images for A Theatre for Our Time or The Artist In You!

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