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Production on FSP's current projects has been pretty much suspended due to the pandemic.


The Artist in You!

The filming of Season 2 of the Artist in You is 99% complete, and the episode are currently in edit and post. Shooting of season 3 in Winchester is ready to go as soon as circumstances allow.


For All Eternity

Progress on pre-production ground to a halt in March, and we do not envisage ramping up again until travel restrictions are somewhat more relaxed and we all have a clearer idea of what the future holds.


For the love of Bowie (working title)

Shooting of this fascinating documentary commenced in February, and was then suspended almost immediately due to lockdown. The schedule includes locations in France, Italy and Germany, so again, COVID-19 restrictions have a direct impact on our ability to continue. Production will resume as soon as we can all get back to some semblance of normality.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

+44 (0) 7506 017109

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